How to Avoid Accidental Academic Fraud

We offer specialized training for excellence in bioscience. These vital skills and know-how are not part of the regular training the scientists receive, which is why we teach them in the Academy.


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Manuscript Rejections and Retractions Due to Accidental Academic Fraud Are on The Rise

Journals are reporting increasing rates of manuscript rejection due to plagiarism (which is often accidental) and the independent body retraction watch demonstrates ever rising numbers of career damaging manuscript retractions due to data irregularities and other issues. The problem here is that many researchers are not taught the skills needed to avoid accidental academic fraud in the modern research setting.

The “Ethical Research Practice” module in the Bioscience Mastery Academy teaches:

  • How to avoid plagiarism in all of it's various forms
  • How to properly treat negative data and outliers
  • What's legal (and what's not) when it comes to manipulating images for publication.

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