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At the Bioscience Mastery Academy, our mission is simple: To help you get better results in the lab and have a better life outside it.

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The Bioscience Mastery Academy will help you become a more productive, more successful and happier scientist

Just some of the resources at your disposal


The skills that you need to power your success as a scientist; handling your workload and data, creating papers that make an impact, critical analysis of research, organizational skills and more are generally neglected in favor of technical skills. This slows you down and makes your life in the lab harder. Every week in the Academy we broadcast live lectures in these soft skills; one hour per week to help you systematically gain the skills you need to success.


Our growing library of skills lectures and courses will be available to you as a members so you can strengthen in the specific skills you need, at whatever pace you'd like to go.


Every scientist needs a good mentor, it is difficult to find one who can give you the technical, experiential and moral support you need to drive to excellence as a researcher. In the Academy you'll have a team of mentors at your disposal who are available to answer your questions in our monthly live Q&A sessions or at any time in the private Academy forum.


The Academy is a tight-knit community of scientists who are committed to advancing towards excellence in the practice of research. That means excellence in their technical field AND in the skills that they need to support their technical work so that their output, their success and their enjoyment is maximal. That's a special group of scientists to be in contact with, and you'll be able to learn from and bond with them in the private Academy forum.

Dive into the Academy to see what's on offer

5 Examples of what you can expect inside the Academy.... 
Ethical Image Manipulation

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This is an excerpt from our course on Ethical Research Practice. This lecture is focused on image manipulation and helps you to avoid errors that could see you accidentally commit academic fraud.

Your questions answered

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In our monthly Q&A sessions the mentor team will focus on whatever is keeping you stuck right now. In this excerpt, members of the team are answering a question about a member's career concerns. 

Writing papers more easily

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If writing is a chore for you, you are not alone. This lecture comes from a course on how to write research papers, which initially focuses on overcoming the blocks to writing so that your papers are easy to write.

Direct support in the forum

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The mentor team are always patrolling the forum and are there to give you the indepth support you need. Here is an excerpt in which we helped a member with concerns about their productivity.

Download our course listing for 2017

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Click on the right to download our program of live lectures for 2017. We're covering all kinds of things that will round your skillset. And we're already working on 2018 where we'll be adding Grantsmanship, Project Management, Advanced Journal Club and more.

About the Academy Founder and Mentor Team

In 2001, I was completing a hellish PhD, feeling overwhelmed, pressured and out of my depth in the lab. When I looked around me I saw many others in the same position; ambitious, eager young scientists who were confident in the technical side their science, but were struggling with the practical realities of being a scientist.

I realised that there's more to being a scientist than just doing experiments. There's a whole additional set of skills that I needed in order to be an autonomous researcher who can reliably identify the best route to the next result, the next paper, the next round of funding, the next career move. 

At that point I resolved to get the skills I needed to make a career that worked for me. Over the next six years I worked as a researcher in biotech and put a lot of focus into my personal development, efficiency, communication skills and more, which enabled me to take control of my job, and my life.

But I wanted to help others to do the same. So in 2007 I started BitesizeBio.com, where myself and other experienced researchers published articles that laid out our hard-won wisdom so that others could benefit and build their skillsets more quickly.

Bitesize Bio has so far received over 21 million pageviews (and counting), which is wonderful. It feels great to be able to help others. And every week I get emails from researchers who thank us for helping them. 

But I realised that we could do more than provide articles that convey our experience. We could take willing researchers on a deeper, more focused journey into the skills that they really need to be more in control and more productive in the lab and in their careers. 

So I teamed up with other mentors to form the Bioscience Mastery Academy. The Academy's mentor team is a hand picked. Each has their own unique set of experience and skills. And together they make a formidable team that are there to support you in your growth as a scientist.

Come and join us.

Dr Nick Oswald.

Founder of Bitesize Bio and the Bioscience Mastery Academy.

Dr. Nick Oswald

Dr Amanda Welch (Editor in Chief at Bitesize Bio)

Dr Karen O'Hanlon Cohrt (Editor at Bitesize Bio)

Dr Cristy Gelling (Genetics Society of America)

Prof Zen Faulkes (U Texas RGV & Better Posters Blog)

Dr Joan Chang (U Manchester)

Dr Salif Mahamane (Utah State U)

Prof Dany Spencer Adams (Tufts & Author of Lab Math)

Dr Johanna Ahlskog (U Copenhagen)

Mr Kenneth Vogt (Vera Claritas Consulting)

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Support to overcome the stresses of the job.

During my PhD I experienced stress and anxiety related issues. The Q & A session helped me to get some specific, useful tips to handle such situations in future.

Aqsa Shaheen (Harvard Medical School)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The stuff they don't teach you in grad school (or anywhere else)

"The weekly topics so far are not covered in graduate school, they are very useful"

Lany Gavanii (US University)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Keep improving... it's easy...

“Already after two weeks in the Academy I can see how this is going to improve me. Going to courses to learn stuff like this is a chore, but I can just listen in on my iPhone each week on the bus to work and get new insights and ideas on how to work better in the lab. Easy.

Chriss Newton (University of Dundee)

Is The Bioscience Mastery Academy Right for You?

The Academy is not for everybody. For best results please only join if you fit the criteria below.

This IS for researchers who

  • ...are working in the lab and are feeling overwhelm or stress in coping with their workload
  • ...are ready to take on new skills to "sharpen their saw" to get more done in the time they have in the lab
  • ...are prepared to put in a small amount of work (1hr) each week to build these skills

This IS NOT for researchers who

  • ...would buy a gym membership and never use it ;-) This is not a quick fix. It is an ongoing course that will gradually build your skills to give you more control in the lab and beyond. Just like your gym membership, it only works for you if you put the work in!
  • ...are looking for an immediate deluge of information. This course is deliberately structured so it does NOT overwhelm you. Commit to the weekly sessions, stick with us and watch your skills grow
See your skills grow in 30 days or get a full refund

The Bioscience Mastery Academy is an ongoing program, but you should start to see and feel the effects in the first month. If for any reason you are not delighted by what you experience in the Academy in the first 30 days, let us know and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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